Japanese–English Language Services Tailored to Unique Purposes

Let a skilled, experienced professional handle your translation, so you can focus on what you do best.


Word choices affect your communication and your outcomes.
You want to know your message won’t get lost in translation.

I help creative, passionate, innovative Japanese people communicate with the world in English. First I get to know you and learn about what you do. Then I help you craft your “English voice” for international audiences.
Easy, peasy, Japan-easy.

With high-quality, natural English translation, you can:
• enhance your communications
• unlock new markets
• find collaborators worldwide
• broaden the scope of your activities

Speaking to the world in English opens up endless possibilities. That means more opportunities for you. See where great English content can take you.

Ready to reach a global audience? Email me to discuss your needs.

Company Name and Logo

South Paw Translation is the trading name of NAATI Certified Japanese to English translator Melanie Taylor. Melanie chose this company name to represent herself as a creative left-handed translator who hails from the South Pacific. The company logo reflects Melanie’s friendly nature, her connection to Japan, and her hands-on, handcrafted approach to her work.

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