[Interpreting] Melanie was simultaneous interpreting for an hour-long public lecture at the University of Auckland by a high-profile Japanese architect. There were only a few minutes for preparation with the speaker, and the lecture included a great deal of tricky technical detail. Melanie did a fantastic job! Her interpreting was smooth, easy to follow, and an amazingly clear rendition of the often esoteric ideas the architect was presenting. I’d love to work with her again.

Andrew Barrie, Professor, The University of Auckland (New Zealand)


デザイナー tel you

tel you, Designer (Japan)


社出版文化社 代表 浅田厚志

Atsushi Asada, President, Shuppan Bunka Sha Corporation (Japan)


写真家 宮川舞子

Maiko Miyagawa, Photographer (Japan)

[Japanese Communication Instruction] Melanie’s personalized instruction and professional, customized coaching in Japanese interviewing skills addressed all the crucial issues; vocabulary, tenor, and yes, the jitters. She is on top of the cross-cultural challenges as well as the linguistic, and her advice, invaluable. Thanks to her intensive one-to-one teaching and to the resources and strategies she shared, I could practice more effectively and truly level-up my performance and communication skills.

Anna, University Teacher (Japan/US)

[Japanese Communication Instruction] Across time zones and with an extremely tight schedule, I took intensive Japanese interview preparation lessons with Melanie. Her preparation advice, vocabulary knowledge and study skills support gave me confidence and lifted me on towards the goal. Always positive, and with energy and enthusiasm, her approach essentially meant success in that interview! So glad I had help from Melanie-sensei!

Tara, University Teacher (Japan/UK)


Naohiro Hata, Deputy Chief, Japan Center For Regional Development



Kazunari Abe, Shinobue (Bamboo Flute) Performer (Japan)


ココ、化粧品輸入関連 (Japan)

[Interpreting/Translation] Over many years, Melanie has done a wonderful job for Taikoz in interpreting at our taiko (Japanese drum) workshops and also providing excellent translation work behind the scenes. Her knowledge of taiko, combined with fabulous language skills, makes Melanie quite unique in the world of taiko. What can I say… Melanie is the best in the business!

Ian Cleworth, Musician, Taikoz (Australia)